Surprises From My Wishlist

Received this amazing gift from jerry:


Three cases of cat food for the strays I feed! Thank you! They will be grateful.

Then, I received these delightful items from beth…


A 3-pack of black, thigh-high stockings, a hefty box of my favorite Nag Champa incense, and a plumeria-violet coconut wax candle that smells lovely (currently burning on my desk). Included was a note of thanks for how a recent coaching session we had helped her get through the challenges of the holidays. You’re welcome and thank you!

Surprises From My Wishlist

Happy Thanksgiving

What an amazing year this has been. The Universe sent me so many wonderful people with whom I created some truly extraordinary experiences.

I have welcomed several new people to Temenos, from those who’ve played for decades to people who had only experienced BDSM as fantasies in their mind.

I am especially grateful for:

  • My dedicated subs, bottoms, and fetishists
  • All the new players who chose me for their first professional BDSM experience
  • All the generosity I have received. Not just in the form of material gifts, but in the form of energy during our scenes. I am continually honored, humbled, and in awe by the way someone who met me moments ago allows themselves to be vulnerable and trust me completely.

Thank you, everyone! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Happy Thanksgiving

This Weekend’s Gifts

I had sessions every day this weekend. Fun and fulfilling play with some of my favorites.

I got to delve deep into the psyche on Friday…

…test comfort zones (while laughing hysterically) on Saturday…

…and indulge in some satisfying genitorture on Sunday.

My play partners didn’t just bring the gift of themselves to play with, they brought these:



slave john gave a big bag of cat food and cash to support my efforts.

beth gave a bottle of wine, Amazon gift card, and another bag of cat food!

Amazing! I’m going to be set for a while!

Thank you for being such wonderful play partners! And so thoughtful and generous!


This Weekend’s Gifts


Have you ever tried playing with weights?

Some people really enjoy the feeling of them pulling on various parts of their body.

No, it doesn’t have to be painful or dangerous. You can use a very light amount of weight, all the way to as much as you can (safely) stand.

Here, My sub has a parachute around his balls. From which I’ve hung multiple stainless steel weights:


This isn’t painful for him; he enjoys the stretching sensation. However, when I couple it with painful blows or lashes to his groin, he’s in even more bliss. 😉